I.  MEAT HOGS, up to 150 lbs...                       $ 1.00 / lb
II.  BIG HOG HUNT,  ... 150+ lbs ...                    $ 1.50 / lb  

 TROPHY BOAR HUNT,  ...                           $ 600.00

Prices good thru
2018 season
*  Processing available... Includes skinning and quartering
only - $25 per hog.  Provide your own ice chest.  ( Or,
you're welcome to use our facilities to dress your hog )

*  Trophy heads caped and meat quartered is $50.  
NOTE:  For TROPHY HOG hunting we recommend a .30-06
or larger rifle.

NOTE:   Please bring a BIG enough GUN for any hog, if you
don't own one, borrow one  ( for meat hogs you need at
least a .243 ).

*  Gun & archery hunting are all available. Please have your
weapon sited in before you come.  And, see hog anatomy
 ( Notice: A wounded animal is considered a kill. )

*  Non-Hunting guest are welcome.  Charge for non-hunting
guest is $50 / day.

*  The hunting preserve area has many mature wild hogs,
stalking is not recommended, (refer with guide for stalk)

*  According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, a Texas hunting
licence is required or a No. 157, Non- Resident Five-Day
Special Hunting permit (about $50).
This is one great meat pole for processing the hogs.   And, its
lighted with four 500 watt halogen bulbs.  ( pictured... 4 hogs
hanging and one waiting on the 4 wheeler, this was a good Feb.
Morning.  These hogs range in weight from 150 - 170 lbs. )
At each hunting stand location there is a game feeder,
and the hunter can choose between a bow stand or an
enclosed ground blind in most stand locations.
Something smells fishy around here.
Look at all that hair.
To schedule a hunt with us just call 877-288-3966 or  903-365-7359 to reserve your hunt.  We require
25 deposit per hunter to hold your date, and accept credit or debit cards.  Feel free to call or email
with any question you may have.  note: deposit goes toward hunt cost & is non-refundable

               Email:   info@wildboaroutfitters.com   
Smile, if you like hog hunting.
<-- Muy  importante. If you have any question at all about
where to shoot a wild boar to bring him down,
click this Link,
and please study very closely.  I  want every- one to make a
good shot !
                    ( also, see anatomy picture below )
* This web page has the pictures of the actual
cut away anatomy of the wild boar, showing all
vital organs.  Its the best I have found.
( Male hog, 220+ lbs or 2"+ tusk )
* Hunt Fee:   $ 125/day, per hunter  ( 2 day minimum ) *
Hog Price
Free Lodging for groups of 3 or more